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Blanket Your Commercial Property Insurance

Perhaps you’re a property owner of more than one commercial building. Or, a retailer with several retail stores. Maybe a professional service firm with multiple office locations. In any case, you want to blanket all your property together on your insurance policy under a combined single limit of insurance.

Think about it, blankets are always comforting, even insurance blankets


Blanket insurance combines a number of separate property coverages and/or coverages at two or more locations under a single combined limit of insurance.

For example:

(1) A distribution plant at one location address has three different warehouse buildings on the property. You can combine the replacement cost of each of the three buildings  and add them together to get one blanket limit. The benefits of this are if one of the buildings went down in fire, that particular structure isn’t at risk of being under-insured with its own insurance limit. It is covered under the blanket limit of all three buildings.

(2)  A commercial building owner owns five different buildings, all at different location addresses. Under his/her commercial property insurance policy, they should take the total replacement cost of all five of their properties and blanket them together under one limit. Why? For the same reasons as above. If there was a loss at one location, the owner wouldn’t run the risk of being under-insured at that particular location.

It’s very inexpensive to endorse your commercial property insurance policy and blanket everything together. Blanketing your property offers you better protection on your assets for next to nothing in annual premium.  It’s a no-brainer.

As with any property insurance policy,  loss due to flood and earthquakes is excluded.


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