Taking Control of Workers Compensation


Workers’ Compensation was put in place to be a good thing. The concept: People get hurt at work and get medical treatment and perhaps disability to be better again. Their employer shouldn’t have to live in fear of paying for medical bills and lost time that come along with it.

In my day to day work, I’m seeing the workers’ compensation system work very differently, particularly in Southern California. With so many attorney driven claims, it’s essentially legal fraud in many cases. Every employer is legally required to have workers’ comp insurance and once they have it, many in the system make money with tactics that drive the employer’s claims costs through the roof. With tactics like these, employers are stuck with a broken system.

What can you do about it though? Well, it turns out you can do a lot, and that’s where I am here to help. Through my own expertise, and the partnership I have with numerous technical consulting partners, we are able to get involved with claims in order reduce claim costs.  Here are the key areas we’ll focus on:

• Experience Modification Management
• Clean up – Close old cases
• Prevention – Stop new cases getting out of control
• Cost Control – Prevent Over Utilization of Medical Care
• MPN Clinic Monitoring
• Accredited Records Technicians
• Workers Compensation Nursing Personnel
• Monitoring physician and PT Care

All of this results in reduced Experience Modification rates and ultimately a massive reduction in workers compensation premiums and profitability to your bottom line.

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