Snow Causes Metrodome Roof Collapse

Early on Sunday morning [12/12/10] in Minneapolis, MN, the Metrodome‘s (home of the Minnesota Vikings) roof collapsed following heavy snowfall over the weekend.

The roof is held up by hot air and a cable system which was unable to support the nearly 17 inches of snow Minneapolis received.  The snowfall was the largest since a 1991 blizzard. It came a day before the Vikings were supposed to host the New York Giants.  This is the second time the dome has collapsed. In April 1983, about a year after the Metrodome opened, heavy snow caused a similar cave-in.

Here is video footage of the collapse:

Is collapse a covered peril on a commercial property insurance policy?

Under the Special Property coverage form, collapse is specifically excluded from coverage. However, limited coverage is provided under the “Additional Coverages” section on the form, so you actually get some coverage back. (Carefully note that coverage for collapse may not be included in some named perils policies). Talk to your insurance agent about this…’re not expected to know what this all means, but you must understand! Otherwise, you may have gaps in coverage that you are unaware of.

For reference, the link below is the ADDITIONAL COVERAGES section on the special property coverage form which specifies what coverages apply for losses due to collapse.

Special Property Coverage Form: Section A.5.a “Collapse”

Every carrier and/or policy may have corresponding endorsements or exclusions, so be sure to contact your insurance agent if you have questions or concerns about your own coverage. Or, feel free to contact me anytime to discuss.


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  1. Jim Kinmartin - Small Business Insurance Advisor says :

    Here’s a follow-up to this story: “Insurance Covers Full Replacement of Snow-Damaged Metrodome Roof”

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