Amazing Raw Video Footage of Flooding In Australia

Check out this intense raw footage from of heavy flooding in Toowoomba, Australia on Monday. A true lesson on the power of Mother Nature:

Floods are not covered by a homeowners or commercial property insurance policy. Rather, they must be covered on a separate policy. Homeowners and commercial property insurance covers damage to your property if caused by other perils, such as a fire or a tree falling, but water damage that results from flooding is not included in homeowners coverage.

What Is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance provides protection from flooding which your home or business may experience. Flood insurance is a national program that’s backed by the federal government, which means you’ll pay the same price regardless of who sells you a flood insurance policy.

Purchasing flood insurance is fairly simple and may be required by your mortgage company if you live in an area that has a higher risk of flooding. In most cases, if you’re required to have flood insurance, the amount of coverage you should have should match the cost to rebuild your home or building.

What Types of Flooding Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance covers flooding or rising waters due to sources such as rivers overflowing from melting snow, ocean surge driven by a hurricane, and failed dams or levees. If any of these situations could apply to your home or business, you may want to consider purchasing flood insurance if it’s not already required.

How to Find Out If You’re at Risk

The National Flood Insurance Program offers a flood risk profile to determine if your house is in a high-risk flood area. The site also offers helpful information and tools that include how much a flood could actually cost you, types of flood insurance policies, and how to prepare for and recover from a flood.

Where to Buy Flood Insurance

If you determine you need flood insurance, you may be able to purchase it from your insurance agent. If your agent doesn’t sell flood insurance, you can find coverage through the NFIP.

Note that when it comes to your auto insurance, flood is covered as long as you carry comprehensive physical damage on your vehicle and you have no special exclusions on your policy.


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