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Insurance Topics In the News (4/24-4/30)

Bystanders look at storm damage in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Wednesday, after a strong tornado moved through the city. (Dusty Compton/The Tuscaloosa News/AP)


Insurance Topics In the News (3/6-3/12)

  • States Must Decide if Workers’ Comp Benefits Extend to Illegal Workers: (Read)
  • Property & Casualty insurance workforce hit a 20-year low in January: (Read)
  • THEN AND NOW: Long Beach Earthquake, 1933 & 2011
  • Court: Former NFL Redskins Punter Can Collect Workers Compensation for back injury: (Read)
  • Virgin Atlantic forced to pay $500,000 for massage injuries to employees: (Read)
  • Japan Earthquake 2011: Devastating Photos Of The Wreckage

AP Photo/Nexco East Japan via kyodo News



Insurance Topics In the News (2/20-2/26)

  • Need an Employee Handbook? Download one here for free and customize.
  • Employee Romances and Sexual Harassment – Double the Trouble When It Originates from the Top: Read
  • New Zealand’s Earthquake May Become Costliest Insured Disaster Since 2008

A powerful earthquake struck one of New Zealand's biggest cities, Christchurch, Tuesday at the height of a busy workday, toppling tall buildings and churches, crushing buses and killing dozens of people in one of the country's worst natural disasters.


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