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Site Visit to Clients Burned Industrial Building

On Tuesday I visited clients burned commercial industrial warehouse building in Carson, CA which was severely damaged by a fire several months back. Things are currently going through the long slow process of city permits to re-build and our carrier hashing out the claims details with the tenant’s carrier to get the insurance claim adjusted. We’ll be writing a Builders Risk insurance policy to take care of this bad boy and get it back in shape and operational again. Here are pictures of the damage to this industrial warehouse building:


Video: Why You Should Water Your Christmas Tree

We’re officially five days away from Christmas which means that a lot of us have had their Christmas trees up in the house for a good month now. That plush vibrant green tree you bought from the local tree lot is now looking slightly brown and dried out by now. Sure, it looks pretty with all the lights and ornaments masking it, but behind the decorations be aware of the fuel load the tree brings into your home like this one here:

You don’t want this to be your tree, so for a list of 12 precautions you can take when choosing and decorating a tree, visit this link from The Travelers Indemnity Company.


Commercial Building Fire In Gardena

A client of mine, a commercial building owner, suffered a fire on Saturday afternoon at their commercial industrial property in Gardena, CA.

Here are some pictures of the scene:

We reported and initiated the claim right away over the weekend with the carrier. Thanks to technology, we were able to get it done remotely while I was out of town.


Massive Fire In Downtown Los Angeles – VIDEO

An massive apartment complex that was under construction in downtown Los Angeles along with two other buildings were destroyed by huge fire that closed the 110 freeway and various roads early Monday morning around 1:20 AM.

The largest of the buildings destroyed was a 630-apartment complex. The 578,172-square foot development. Two other buildings were damaged by the fire, including external damage to one and several floors of a 16-story hour office tower were affected.

Check out some of the raw video footage posted on Youtube:


Smart Phone Captures the Poinsettia Fire Burning in Carlsbad


In Carlsbad, officials said at a news briefing that 22 housing structures were destroyed: four single-family homes and an 18-unit apartment building, along with two commercial buildings. The loss was estimated at $22.5 million according to the L.A. Times.


Aerial Firefighting

This is a pretty cool video of a helicopter maneuvering in someone’s backyard to scoop up water from a pool to help fight a wildfire.

Planes and helicopters are critical tools in managing wildfires, particularly in California where we face wildfires annually. Although aircraft are often used to fight wildfires, aircraft alone cannot put them out. Firefighters rely on planes and helicopters to:

  • Deliver equipment and supplies.
  • Deploy smokejumpers and rappellers to a fire.
  • Transport firefighters.
  • Provide reconnaissance of new fires, fire locations, and fire behavior.
  • Drop fire-retardant or water to slow down a fire so firefighters can contain it.
  • Ignite prescribed fires

Thanks to all our fire service personnel who help protect us when we need it. We are grateful to have them.

Source: US Fire Service

Solar Panel Fire Insurance

Check out these pictures showing fire damage from a car fire which spread throughout the car port it was parked under. The fire damaged solar panels affixed to the roof which are operated by an insured of mine. Good thing for property insurance. The claim has been submitted with the carrier and we’re working on getting these fixed and back in order. Not only does the property need to be replaced, but the insured will need to be compensated for lost income due to the business interruption.

Damaged Solar Panel


Solar Panel Insurance


Solar Panel Fire Insurance


photo 5



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