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Video: Why You Should Water Your Christmas Tree

We’re officially five days away from Christmas which means that a lot of us have had their Christmas trees up in the house for a good month now. That plush vibrant green tree you bought from the local tree lot is now looking slightly brown and dried out by now. Sure, it looks pretty with all the lights and ornaments masking it, but behind the decorations be aware of the fuel load the tree brings into your home like this one here:

You don’t want this to be your tree, so for a list of 12 precautions you can take when choosing and decorating a tree, visit this link from The Travelers Indemnity Company.


Happy New Year 2016!

Wishing you good friends, good times, good health, good cheer, and happy days throughout the year. Happy 2016!

Happy New Year


Fire Destroys 96-Foot Christmas Tree Outside Costa Mesa Hotel

Yesterday, A 96-foot-tall Christmas tree went up in flames outside the Westin South Coast Plaza hotel in Costa Mesa. The tree was reportedly a $120,000 Evergreen.  Fire investigators don’t know how it started.The flames sent up a large plume of black smoke that could be seen from I-405 Monday morning. Here are a couple videos of the Christmas tree fire:

Here was the tree during the real lighting ceremony a few weeks ago:

Christmas Tree Lighting for South Coast Plaza. 🎄🎄🎄❄️❄️❄️

A video posted by Josh Guesman (@jgooss) on

Essentially, you can say there were two tree lighting ceremonies this year.


Be Stocked and Ready For Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a nationally recognized day celebrated on November 30th when millions of consumers spend billions of dollars at independent neighborhood shops and restaurants. In anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, find out what every Main Street business owner needs to know and do to stay safe, grounded and be ready for the busy holiday season provided by Travelers Insurance Company.

Here are some nice resources provided by Travelers Insurance Company touching on the following risk management topics. Be sure to click on the links for each of these topics to learn more:

Store Safety Tips (Workplace Safety | Slips, Trips, and Falls | Fire Safety | Ladder Safety | Ergonomics)

Business Continuity (Why You Need a Business Continuity Plan | Create A Business Continuity Plan in Four Steps | Identifying Business Threats | Employee Communications and Considerations)

Supply Chain Management (Tips for Managing Your Supply Chain | Working With Overseas Suppliers | How To Identify Counterfeit Parts | Have An Inventory Backup Plan)

Cyber Threats (Employee Training | Cyber Safety Tips | Password Security | Business Continuity For Data Management | Incident Response Plan)

You can contact me for additional information or if I can help you in developing risk management plans for your business.


Super Bowl XLVII Tip: How to Eat a Chicken Wing

Today marks the 47th NFL Super Bowl (Roman Numeral XLVII for those who follow). Chances are likely you’re going to be at a Super Bowl party today. Let’s face it, it’s basically a national American holiday. And chances are really likely that you’ll be eating some chicken wings at the party.

Well today I am going to share with you a Super Bowl tip that will probably blow your mind. Honestly, it kind of blew mine. This isn’t just a lesson you can take for Super Bowl game day, this is a lesson you can use for life. Because if you’re an American, you probably eat chicken wings all year round.

Behold, a practical lesson that will change the way you eat wings forever.


Happy 4th of July! (Wally George Edition)

The 4th of July is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, and political speeches and ceremonies to name a few. It’s a day to stand up and be proud to be an American. And when I think of proud Americans, I think of Wally George.

Wally who????

Unless you’re from Orange County (CA), you probably never heard of Wally George. Hell, even if you are from Orange County, you probably still don’t know who Wally George is.

Wally George was a late night “talk show” host on a local cable television station called KDOC in Anaheim. Think Jerry Springer or Geraldo Rivera way before their time. The name of Wally George’s show was Hot Seat which launched in 1983. As Wikipedia describes, “Wally was famous for his combative, almost farcical interview style and shocking antics on Hot Seat.”

My brother Patrick and I used to stay up late on Saturday night and turn on Wally George and laugh our a$$es off.  Always hanging behind him were pictures of John Wayne and the US space shuttle. Wally was always a huge supporter of then-US president Ronald Reagan. His blond, ear-length, side-parted hair is infamous.

Apparently, E! True Hollywood Story actually ran a feature on Wally George in 2000.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some Wally George “best of” clips. Happy 4th of July!

and if you didn’t get enough…


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there. Thanks Dad for everything you have done to provide for our family and for being the best Dad we can possibly ask for! This day is for you. Much Love!

Joanelle, Dad, Me – August 2010


Cool Christmas Stuff

Looking for some cool Christmas decorations, Christmas decor, Christmas  ornaments, Christmas recipes, or general Christmas ideas? Here’s a compilation of some of my favorites which I found online. Enjoy…

Book Tree

"Redneck Christmas Tree"

Santa Pancakes (Link to Recipe)

Santa Claus Crackers (links to recipe)

Mustache Christmas Ornament

Santa Hat Brownies

Click to see Dogs in Christmas Hats

Merry Christmas for Every Smoker

Personally, I love the Dollar Store

Printable bottle gift tags in case, you've given up shopping and are just giving away all your wine


Christmas at Candy Cane Lane – El Segundo

If you’re looking to enjoy some local Christmas activities before we head into the weekend, check out Candy Cane Lane in El Segundo.  The residents of the 1200 Block of Acacia Avenue have made this event a popular holiday tradition in El Segundo for more than 60 years.

My friends brought me here on Sunday night and it is a great sight to see if you enjoy the Christmas holiday. Here are a few photos and a short video clip I took of Acacia Avenue, although it doesn’t do this spectacle much justice. The magnitude of the lights and decorations is amazing.


Candy Cane Lane offers every Christmas decoration imaginable in one block of houses. Trains, reindeer, giant characters, music – it’s all there. They encourage visitors to donate canned food for needy families in El Segundo. Candy Cane Lane runs until December 23.


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