Featured Client Partner: ‘Mac–n-Mo’s Magical Morsels’

As an insurance agent, I take great pleasure in working with so many different types of businesses, large and small. Each and every business has its own story and background which make them unique. This is why my job is so enjoyable….every day brings something new to the table. There are some really notable stories behind these great businesses which I am going to start sharing with you here on my site. These are client partners I value and think you should know about. Without further ado, meet Maura Knowles and her business, ‘Mac–n-Mo’s Magical Morsels’.

Maura Knowles, an established actor and creator of ”Mac–n-Mo’s Magical Morsels , usually begins her story with the line: ”Mac–n-Mo’s Magical Morsels were created out of love by Mo (that’s me), for Mac (that’s my Dad).” [See story from Jessica Lymberopoulos.]

In February, 2010, Mo’s dad suffered 2 massive heart attacks and underwent a quadruple bypass surgery. The operation was successful and he was discharged with very clear and strict dietary guidelines. To further complicate things, Mac is a diabetic.

Mac’s doctor put him on a new diet with strict guidelines and limitations. “Low salt, low-fat, low sugar, low cholesterol, no trans fat, more fiber. None of this, some of that. More of this, less of that.” Mac’s new diet proved to be a giant challenge, as he craved baked goods.

One Saturday morning, in March, Mac begged Mo to bake something sweet. Mo’s challenge was to find all natural ingredients, no preservatives, very little salt, no added sugar, higher fiber. She sought out doctor-approved ingredients and avoided all sugar, sodium, wheat (due to a wheat intolerance) and “fake stuff.” Maura returned to her parents’ kitchen with bags of seemingly incompatible food items. No one in the family could predict what the end result would be, but after a couple of days of concocting, Maura came up with “Magical Morsels.”

She, along with her mom and sister devoured them and most importantly, her dad relished each morsel, exclaiming, “these are magic!” Mo shared some with friends and soon she was taking order requests. One of those friends loved the morsels so much that he shared them with a friend who owned a food store in Los Angeles. After trying them, she approached Maura about selling them in her store.

Initially, Maura was skeptical of the idea. “I’m not in business. I’m an actor,” she said. But the store owner persisted, claiming that Maura’s Magical Morsels were delicious and that her son had devoured the entire bag. “I decided to go for it because there is nothing like it on the market. There’s no homemade treat for people with health conditions like my Dad that taste good,” Maura said. Each morsel is only 30 calories, 1g sugar, 0 sodium, 4 carbs & NO preservatives or artificial anything!

In September of this year, Maura took the plunge and Mac-n-Mo’s became a company. Now, four stores in the Los Angeles area are selling her gluten-free and vegan treats.

Maura’s mission for Mac-n-Mo’s is simple, yet deliberate. She’s hoping to change the way we eat snacks and treats, one morsel at a time.

You can visit Mo’s website at www.macnmos.com. Also, be sure to follow her on Twitter at @macnmomorsels.

Check out this video on Mo’s Magical Morsels:




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