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Millions Will Call In Sick After Super Bowl Sunday

Roughly 14 million Americans are expected to call in sick on Monday — making the day after the 52nd Super Bowl Sunday one of the biggest sick days of the year, according to a survey by the Workforce Institute at Kronos and Mucinex. Post-Super Bowl Monday is “notoriously known as a day where people call out of work,” with 1 in 5 Americans saying they’ve called in sick over the years. This year is expected to be down from the 16.5 million who had said they planned to call in sick last year after Super Bowl Sunday.

Source: LinkedIn


Super Bowl XLVII Tip: How to Eat a Chicken Wing

Today marks the 47th NFL Super Bowl (Roman Numeral XLVII for those who follow). Chances are likely you’re going to be at a Super Bowl party today. Let’s face it, it’s basically a national American holiday. And chances are really likely that you’ll be eating some chicken wings at the party.

Well today I am going to share with you a Super Bowl tip that will probably blow your mind. Honestly, it kind of blew mine. This isn’t just a lesson you can take for Super Bowl game day, this is a lesson you can use for life. Because if you’re an American, you probably eat chicken wings all year round.

Behold, a practical lesson that will change the way you eat wings forever.


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